Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KC's Bridals-San Francisco

We had so much fun shooting these. Despite the early morning start and at times the unruly wind....we killed it! I could take photographs of this girl forever. props go to the construction man for inspiration, the dad and brother for letting us boss you around all day and KC for being so willing to lean her head on that grimy wall. Its photo shoots like this one that remind me how much I love my job.


Kris Doman said...

Can I get married again so I can have you do my bridals? KRIS

Rachel said...

it's a deal..if I can get married again and you can do mine. Why does it have to be bridals? lets give you a high fashion shoot people will be jealous of. we can tell lilith to take a hike and let barbie bask in all her glory!