Sunday, September 16, 2007

Children & Family Rates

Family Documentaries

I believe the best way to capture the true nature of a family or a person is to photograph them doing what they normally do, where they normally do it with the people they normally do things with!

So much of family dynamic has to do with life at home on just ordinary days...sitting around a dinner table, brushing teeth, chasing the dog, tucking little ones into bed,
relaxing on the couch after a long day... Besides home life, other opportunities to show relationships between family members come from time spent away from the ordinary, on vacation or planning an outing together.

Possible activities:

-family vacation
-beach day
-dinner time
-bath time
-school days
-taking a walk
-going to a park
-dance lessons
-soccer games
-piano practice
-reading books
-car rides
-road trips
-day at disneyland
-art projects


Rates will range between $500 and $5000 depending on number of activities/days to be photographed. Please contact Rachel if interested for more complete pricing.

Family Portrait Pricing

up to 2 hrs on location
3-20 people
includes a $250 credit towards reordering

Children Portrait Pricing

newborn to 12yrs

First Year Package


The first year package includes 5 different hour sessions documenting the most pivotal stages of a child's 1st year.

-newborn (can still lay in fetal position, lots of great details)
-3 months (starting to smile and form recognizable expressions)
-6 months (sitting up, more aware of surroundings, love this stage.)
-9 months (standing, fat little legs, crawling shots, baby on the move!)
-12 months (walking, independent and into everything!)

each session comes with 1-11x14 mounted print, images hosted online for viewing and ordering and at the completion of all 5 sessions, a 8x8 -20pg Contemporary Image Portfolio is presented with your favorite images showcased of your child's first year.

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