Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dave & Melanie's Engagements-Millcreek Canyon

Nothing quite like young love...or photographing it up a canyon covered in orange leaves.

Its been a long time coming you two, and in my never to be humble opinion, I think you two are a great match.

Dave I know it was almost like having to get a root canal to have a camera pointed at your face for over an hour, but was it really that painful. Since when is kissing, burrowing and holding hands painful? (OK, maybe in public, but NEVER at the cabin).

I dare say all the cousins will be jealous you were the first to take engagements up at the cabin, but I think they will understand, Dave being the favorite grandchild and all. Can we please share the title?!

Love you guys! Can't wait for December!


Anonymous said...

Man! Those two are hot! What a great couple!

James and Bethany Wilde said...

Great Pictures, Rachel!

Damian said...

the chess ones.

Maly said...

Nice pictures. You have a natural eye for beauty. Can't wait until the wedding.(I'm Melanie's sister-in-law) Hope Melanie gives me some copies.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, what a great shoot. I never really thought of the cabin as a location spot, guess that is why you are the photographer. And an amazing photgrapher. The pics really are great and it makes me appreciate your eye for beautiful and unique things. Miss your smililng face. LOVE YOU

laura said...

Incredible pictures....what a great idea to take them at the cabin!