Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Erin's Hollywood Soiree-Oct 20

Erin's Hollywood Soiree is code for "Erin's Bat Mitzvah" and code for the most amazing party ever thrown in honor of a 13yr old.

I'm still a little speechless over the whole thing. Red (pink) carpet, 3 photographers, 4 plus videographers, a production company, everyone wearing mics in their ears, limos, black tie dress, Blake Lewis from last seasons American Idol as the performer....WOW. My first experience shooting a Bat Mitzvah will be very hard to top.

I was shooting for Vox Entertainment, who produced the Soiree and I must say did an amazing job. So much fun! They rented out the "Grove of Anaheim" and had a larger than life sized photo of Erin on the front of the building.

Seriously. Out of this world. Erin please invite me to your Sweet 16.


Tracy said...

day-um, that's some party! love your photos. out of curiosity, how was blake lewis? i wound up here by googling him, hee.

jenlar said...

I see many blog hits in your future...

That Bat Mitzvah sounds off the chain! Which songs did Blake perform?

Damian said...

Blake Lewis is no Rilo Kiley.

Rachel said...

Blake was really nice and to be honest I didn't stay til he performed, so I'm not sure what he sang.

..and Damian, why do you have to be so hard to please?

From now on I'm only shooting people with the last name "Lewis".