Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kris & Rulan-Living The Good Life

Two of my closest friends came to visit last weekend. Kris is one of my most prized photography friends (check out her work here or here) and her husband Rulon always make sure there are never any dull moments. Grant and I had a great time showing them around LA. Here is the list of things we did between 3pm and midnight:

-ate at In and Out. (Grilled onions all the way!)
-went to a photography exhibit at the Fowler museum on UCLA's campus entitled, "Woman, Water and Wells". Very inspiring.
-walked down the main promenade in santa monica down to the boardwalk and eventually down to the sand, where I took some 10yr anniversary photos for them.
-walked down the pier (sorry about the fish guts kris....oh and my skirt blowing up).
-quick stop at grants place
-dinner at Bossa Nova, our favorite Brazilian restaurant....chicken brochette...
-on to downtown Hollywood to look at the stars and feet and hand prints outside of the chinese theater....fake snow all over the ground. what?
-then our final stop at pinkberry were I tried cocoa pebbles on my frozen yogurt. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

I loved having you guys here! I can't wait to hear all about your cruise!


Kris Doman said...

Oh my gosh, girl. You are amazing! They are all my favorite. What a great day! Thanks to you and Grant for the awesome tour. One day you will both have to come to our house and spend a day playing with us and the chillins. We could cook together! (the one thing we didn't get to do in CA.) Thank you so much for these portraits. I can't even look at them without wanting to cry from joy.

Rachel said...