Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LA Photo Day-Part 1of2

Color...and not just color, color on film....and not just color on film, color on medium format film!

When I picked up my film from the lab, I remembered. The anticipation, the waiting, the worry, the hoping. Shooting with film is like giving yourself a little surprise. Not because you're worried they won't turn out, but because the final results hide themselves only to be revealed when they are good and ready.

Here are my favorites from a color roll shot in downtown LA.

Black and White to come...


Damian said...

Wow, these are really nice. You have a great sense for location. On you foreign stuff it is easy because the other countries are so exotic, but these are really nice.

good thing there was a bikini walking on top of those steps.

Rachel said...

...But imagine how many more hits my blog would have if there wasn't.

Thanks. I like shooting locations a lot.

Anyone need a photo story of a place? Hometown, rundown, out of town? Let me know. I'm your girl.

Kris Doman said...

I haven't missed my hasselblad until today... sigh

Morgan said...

i bow down to your photography skills. i loved the photo of the taxi drivers.

Rachel said...


You can always borrow..heaven knows I don't use it enough. Together we can make a complete photographer again!! I miss you.


The taxi drivers were great. After I see shots like that I am glad I was bold enough to ask them permission. Get ready to be feared with that new camera of yours. People love cameras in their face.