Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mothers day

I love my California family...especially since my own mom and family are so far away.

this last photo was NOT taken by me! Grant gets full photo credit. If you want to hire him to take your child's portrait, email him at


audrey said...

i looooooove your work. and i love the way you think! i browsed through pretty much all your pictures in one sitting, kinda creepy, I know. but i'm a bit of a fan. a new fan. heard about you this week through my sister. and small world--i used to be good friends with grant and monti... lived down there in san clemente.

i've gotta figure out a way to hire you to take some pix for me even though i live in boston!!! we come out your way quite a bit though--in fact, we'll be there in June.

anyways. i'm in love with your work and your ideas. i'm re-inspired about life!!!!! thanks for all your hard work--

audrey miller

Grant said...

Don't you think it's so weird that I haven't received a single email about taking portraits for anyone's kids yet?
Jori looks so adorable.

julia said...

grant, can you please take photos of jan like that? if you can get him to lay there holding a bottle, i would pay you good money...haha

ps this is julia. you're soon to be new neighbor friend. because i know rachel so well now, i like you already.