Thursday, July 10, 2008

sweet and savory

I had friends over for crepes on sunday. we did some sweet with the regular show stoppers...lemon and sugar, nutella, berries, whipped cream and some savory with brie and apple, and spinach, mushrooms and gruyere. delish.

I experimented with adding fresh vanilla bean into the sweet batter. I was glad. you should try it.


Lindsay said...

Hey Rachel!
So generally I don't feel compelled to tell people when I'm blog stalking them, but you're photography is awesome. Great stuff. My brother Shane told me about your blog when I started a photography biz of my own. I'm so jealous of all the trips you've taken. Amazing.
Anyway. I'm no longer a blog stalker, because now you know I'm looking. :)
This is Lindsay (Thueson) Ross, by the way. We went to highschool together. :)

Rachel said...

lindsay!!! what a surprise! I am so glad you said something. of course I remember you, our last names meant we were always in some line together. ha! great news about your own photography...and kids...and husband. please keep coming back and say hi whenever. man I love the randomness of the interweb.