Wednesday, August 13, 2008

don't mind if I do.


alysha said...

Hi Rachel,

you don't know me, and this comment has nothing to do with your post, although your photography is beautiful but I just had to say something about that Vanessa Barrantes dress you were wearing today. You see, I was obsessed with that dress last summer, I wanted it soooo bad, but I couldn't justify it at the time. I let the dream die checking back on it every few months. I even got over it, until I saw you wearing it today. Yes this may sound obsessive since church isn't even over and I had to go home to find it again, and I did, and my husband still won't let me buy it once again. I have to figure out something though, it looked so cute on you and if I could only look the same I would be very very happy. Anyway, sorry about the rant but I just had to say something.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

Grant said...

Strangely, a very patriotic shot. It has elements of vague optimism, monument-building, and rock-n-roll all in one. How did you line that up?