Monday, August 25, 2008

it all started in harlem..

...with dating, falling, marrying, baby making and now parenting. one of my first memories with nikki was sitting in the "full moon" talking about life one 4th of july weekend (the same weekend matt and heath started canoodling). I knew she was smart, ambitious, genuine and somebody you could trust. cameron was the one who made witty films, had witty side remarks and was the man we compared all other men too, knowing he was the perfect example of a "good guy" (seriously one if the nicest people I have ever known). this is one couple I loved before they were a couple but after moving from NY I find myself feeling closer and closer to them as they include me in their life. I loved being there on their wedding day. I loved being there to hold and kiss their first born. I feel blessed to have them as friends.

I am excited for many more moments with your family. missing little john already.



nellziebub said...


You are SOOO good! I remember these two from your website. Don't be surprised if you get a phone call from Kent and I in a couple of years wanting these same pictures (it better be a couple of years). What a great couple and what an adorable baby!

nikki said...

Rach... these are beautiful and baby squish face is lucky to have you as aunt rach. i love you and thank you for shooting these.

Margo said...

I am Nikki's sister. You took some amazing picture. Thank you for sharing.

Marci & Daniel said...

You captured the Kelly's perfectly. Beautiful.

Grant said...

People are lucky to have you document their lives. Sounds true.

naomi megan said...

These are absolutely STUNNING! Your work is beautiful.

Rachel said...

it's hard for them not to look good when your subjects are so beautiful!!

my new favorite is photographing newborns and parents in their bed...isn't that where you spend most of your time anyway?

kathy burkhardt said...

Rachel, Thanks for the great pictures. I have the cutest grandson and you did a wonderful job taking pictures of little John, Nikki and Cam.

Stephanie said...

Hey, Nikki's cousin here. Once again, awesome pics Rachel! (I love their wedding pics.) You really captured the joy of new parenthood. JHK has two of the best people as parents!

Heather said...

i miss the kelly's and that 4th of july weekend where it all began.

little JHK is just precious!!

the street pic is my favorite........ what a beautiful family!!!

again you are way too talented for me and i am loving you too much!!!!!

Rachel said...

I love the streets ones too. I love the one on the front stoop.

if anyone else wants a family documentary done where I photograph where you live, what you do...let me know. I think its the only way to photograph a family.