Monday, September 15, 2008

baby pedicures

while I was in utah my sisters and I wanted to get pedicures. my 5 yr old niece heard us discussing this and really wanted to come because she had never had a pedicure (uh, yeah. you're 5!!) we all decided it would be super fun so we took both of our nieces with us. they seriously handled it like pros. I almost got teary eyed watching taylor from 4 chairs over...she was barely big enough to sit on the chair and dip her toes in the pedicure bath...but she WAS big enough. I want them to stay little. when they are little they write me notes, like this one faith wrote for me while she patiently waited for me to finish. oooohhh. melt my heart.


Emily Hatch said...

that is so sweet! you would be a fun aunt. :) miss you.

steph thurston said...

this post made me cry. i want them to stay little forever!!! i love you. thanks for this day. they will always remember it!!