Monday, September 22, 2008

lisa's bridals

I've known lisa since she was in junior high. Her brother was my first love. It was one of those rare relationships that transcends the breakup and awkwardness and comes up even better than before. Chris is still one of my closet friends and I feel blessed to have him and his family as part of my life.

lisa, along with chris and family, came out to LA for this shoot. It really didn't even feel like work. Pat was buying me pizza and Rachel's baby, slade, was nuzzling into my shoulder. It was just fun.

lisa, as you can see, looked amazing. everyone keep commenting on how she looks like uma thurman, but better. she braved breaking the rules in the hotel and owned the streets of santa monica and the results...were gold.

thank you universe for letting me photograph such a stunning subject. xxoo.


Mark said...

Thank you so much. She is just stunning and You are quite the artistic Photograher. We are so lucky to know you and have you do this. What a thrill and what an excellent job.

Becky said...

These pictures are amazing! So many I wanted to call my favorite. She is beautiful!

Emily Hatch said...

rach, you did a great job! She is stunning, and I love them all! My top two though are the elevator (?) shot, and the bridge one with the leading lines pointing straight at her. They are all amazing. My hat goes off you you! :)

Anna said...

That elevator one took my breath away!

Heather said...