Wednesday, September 17, 2008

on the way to boulder

off the side of the highway we saw this little abandoned farmhouse and we had to have. golden fields and endless blue skies call to me. so we found a little mud filled side road and jumped a fence. we hadn't been there more than 5 mins before both a firetruck and cops stopped to check out the intruders. we played it cool (like we always do) and everyone walked away unharmed. (except maybe the rental car, but hey, what are rental cars for?!)


steph thurston said...

you made me smile once again. thanks for sharing!!! and that bacon wrapped asparagus is still lingering a little...can't wait for more!!!

Grant said...

Cool. It's exciting to see how your FILM shots turned out finally!

f*bomb. said...

Gosh- how do you find these gorgeous shots? INSPIRED, Thursty. Truly INSPIRED.