Monday, October 13, 2008

back home

ke'e beach (end of the road, north shore kauai)

the b-maids. freezing but still fierce.

after a fun week and a half away from home, I am back with some great photos and a fantastic case of jet lag...(yesterday I just could not sleep enough).

more later this week from one of my favorite places on earth, kauai and lisa & dave's wedding in utah.

I went from swimsuits, bare feet and $1 papayas to a snow storm sunday morning on my way to the airport in utah. that would mess anybody up.


Anna said...

Lakes District is one of the few places to compete with Kauai. But not without my sisters. Hope your trip was lame without me!!!

Love ya!

Rachel said...

I've been there too! It is gorgeous. Kauai can't help but be pretty awesome, but NOT as awesome as it could have been...not the same without you!!! miss and love you.

Jonathan Canlas said...

get ready for some more of it...and its going to be awesome.