Thursday, October 23, 2008

hawaii take 2

some of you may be mad when I tell you this, but good friendships have to be based on honesty, so here about a week I am jumping on a plane back to hawaii.

I know I haven't even been home from my last hawaii trip for 2 weeks and I know this will be my 3rd hawaii trip this year, but not everything in my life is great. I have a really cluttered desk, all of my shoes are outdated and I have to kill about 8 spiders a day...PLUS I have barely any counter space in my kitchen which makes it very hard to cook in there let alone re-create that 'what about bob' scene, where they are doing dishes and bill murray sings, "I'm singing in the kitchen with a bowl full of chicken...." my kitchen is never that happy.

I regress. I'm going back.. and feel pretty lucky about it.

I decided last minute to attend workshop that my photographer friend jonathan canlas is having. I get to shoot film for a whole week and eat delicious food and talk shop with a bunch of photo nerds like myself. I am so excited to shoot some stuff for ME and just fung shui myself back into the reasons why I first started taking photographs.

jonathan posted a little welcome to me here on his 'film is not dead' blog, along with this photo he took from one of my best girls weddings, mala. (frenchie, shown with me).

thanks jon for inspiring me to jump on board. I can't get to humidity fast enough.


Stopher and Nicolle said...

k, now if you could just go there for thanksgiving life would be perfect....that will be my one millionth trip there this year, and i'm telling you, that flight gets old fast!! oh, and did you set a date yet??? i was thinking that if it's sooner (rather than later) you could go to italy for your honeymoon in december and take some pics of us there...OR you can go to hawaii next june and take some pics of us there. ok, ok, ok...leave you alone already?? I are just one seriously amazing and passionate day i will have the need (and the husband) for your talent...until then, aloha!

Rachel said...

can't believe you won't be there. boooo!

shayna said...

couldn't someone just paint my arm off me or something....goodness. I have a massive arm, but I also have a massive crush on you.