Monday, October 27, 2008

lisa and dave's wedding

I guess when I promised I would post these the next day...I meant the next day I posted. I don't usually post on the weekends. sorry about that. to make up for it I am posting a lot of images from this wedding. when I say a lot I mean almost 80. you might wonder if I have an editing problem. YES! Is there a help group for people like me who can't choose?! the real problem I have (among many) is I feel like I am doing an injustice to the "story" by taking parts out. How do you know it was snowing if you can't see the children reaching for it outside? how do you know lisa let her hair down if I don't show her letting loose? how will you become as obsessed with dave's infectious smile if I don't show the smile while he's busting some hardcore moves on the dance floor? see my dilemma? dilemma solved! post 80 images!

A really, really fun wedding. this group can dance. I wish all of you could have seen and heard their DJ. amazing is the only word to describe him. He participated almost more than best man or girl. wow.

love you two!!!! happy life!


Emily Hatch said...

rachel, brilliant work! Beautiful images as always. and by the way, how do you always score the most attractive couples? It's not fair! j/k! Despite the cheesiness, I loved the one of all the wedding party jumping in front of the building. Did anyone fall? Serious fun there. I feel like I was at the wedding, and it makes me want to do mine all over again (with you as my photographer of course!) LOVE YOU!

kentandnellie said...

Love these photos! You're so good. I think I want to get married every three months. Such a fun time. Everything about this wedding looks beautiful!

naomi megan. said...

hi rachel,

thanks for that, you are so sweet. and nice to met you {well, not in person but you know.} but i want you to know i LOVE your photos so much-- i came across your blog when nikki and cam linked your cute photos of little jhK. those photos were the best.

as for rounded edges. i do it the old way- the trick in paint.

maybe someday i can take photos like you... maybe.


Rachel said...

first, jumping picture..NOT my idea...but I have to admit it was a fun moment. second, thanks everyone for enjoying the images and third, naomi..what trick in paint? teach me! teach me!


Grant said...

Wow! These were so good I didn't notice my scrolling finger cramped up until it was over. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I really wish you could shoot my wedding but ... you know.

Kris Doman said...

I love how you make a very recognizable wedding venue seem so glamourous and unusual! I was half-way through these before I realized where it was - and you know how often we saw this venue back in the day...