Wednesday, October 8, 2008

wanna watch a moodie?

I get to see these little tikes in just a few days. I wished we lived closer to each other. It's hard to only see them once a month, once every two months. with so much time not together, how will I keep my "favorite aunt" status?... I'm thinking gum. lots of gum.


Broek said...

Absolute truth. My nieces go bonkers over the fact I carry and issue out gum. And lipgloss.

ALISHA JOY said...


becca said...

Rachel don't act like you ever did have the "favorite aunt" status. That title has always belonged to me. Just ask them. kidding. But I will be seeing you tonight cause I'm babysitting. You get your haircut at Shep. Do you know my friend Chad who works there??