Wednesday, November 19, 2008

face film

I just got back my processed film from the film is not dead workshop and am so excited looking through the images. It was a great week with some great photographers shooting side by I thought it only fitting to showcase some of those photographer faces first in what I'm sure will be MANY hawaii posts to come.

jon making the most NORMAL face I ever saw him make (thanks again and again for such an amazing week...I can still hear your shooting "wooOOooo" in my head).
natalie is SO full of energy and has 3 amazing boys and 1 amazing husband that match her energy. how does she do it all?! quite the inspiration.
leilani spent many years living in laie and was one of our island experts. I loved her free spirit and morning walks along the beach.
tracee was the bombshell photographer and mother of 2. thank you for all your advice on child rearing and motherhood. you took away some of my fears and actually helped me feel a little bit of excitement. not sure about your "baby a year" plan, but we'll see how desperate I get!


Jonathan Canlas said...

um, that shot of tracee is freaking amazing.

the shot of me, not so much :)

rachel thurston said...

I think you look adorable.

Tracee said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Never had a close up like that posted of me.

And Rach.... seriously kick them out, get it over with and get the bod back. Its the only way to go woman!