Thursday, December 11, 2008

hale'iwa- north shore, oahu

I still have so many images from this trip to go through but I got this roll of cross-processed back yesterday and was loving the crazy colors. film is fun.


Heather Tullis Photography said...

These look awesome Rachel!

Anonymous said...

More Hawaii photos! I went there this summer and took a similar pic of the surfboard/world signs on top of the car. I thought that was so cool. How did you get the greenish tint to your film?

Whitney Elizabeth said...

love these rachel! which camera are these from?

Mark Weinberg said...

The Rock!!!Great images!!

Hawaii was so awesome, I am probably gonna get my film back this week and am super excited!

rachel thurston said...

heather- thanks "c to the hef"!! I need to email/call you. I miss my roomie. your underwater pics are coming up!

anonymous- the greenish tint is just a natural process due to the cross processing of the film. weird color shifts happen when you develop slide film as negative.

whit- thanks! I took theses on my canon ae1.

mark- I can't wait to see your images. I can't wait to see everyones images!

Tracee said...

Rachel, these are awesome!

I LOVE aloha the bus!!! I kept seeing that and never shot it! So cool!