Wednesday, December 17, 2008

somebody loves christmas trees!

those somebodies are us!

I wish I could tell you how exciting tree lots are for me. I'm not sure if I should feel bad that we chop down SO many trees for a fairly weird tradition of putting pines in our living rooms, but it doesn't stop me from loving every pine lovin needle.

the smell. the silly prickly branches. the crazy high pressure lumberjacks following you around as you hug each tree to see if the fit is right. grant's smile as he frolics around the lot. the santa hat I made him wear. not wanting to do anything all day except sit by the tree, smell the tree and worry if there is enough water for the tree. the other night I even slept on the couch so I could be near the tree. it cures all ailment's too! grant was grumpy from his laptop not working right so I tore off a tiny portion and rubbed it in my hands and held the piney oils up to his face. he cheered right up! I'm serious! try it!

oh, I love christmas.


Paul, Missy and Riley said...

Paul loves Christmas trees too! And after seeing those photos I feel like I need to learn to love the "real" ones!
Maybe next year we'll buy a "real" tree and not have a fake one... I'm sure Riley would appreciate it :) But truly, I really I want a SILVER tree, with all red bows!

Abbey said...

Awesome photos..! I am so excited because Christmas is just around the corner.

Rob and Mel said...

Ahh, I love Christmas trees, and they have to be real. It is way totally awesome going to pick out the perfect tree, then decorating and loving it. I'm always sad to take it down, so I usually drag my feet till mid-January at least. I'm sad this year because we decided not to get one since we're leaving town for Christmas. The house just doesn't feel right without it.
Oh yeah, amazing pics. You kids look great—it's always nice to see Hot Grant's Hot Smile.

Anna said...

Your faces remind me of disneyland. And onesies. What about finding the perfect tree for Grandma, shaped like a ball, and from the Manti mountains?