Thursday, January 22, 2009

bake shop interview

meet the fabulous bake shop blog creator. montage creative does documentaries on random interesting people and caroline's interview just went live on their blog. see/hear.

not only does she bake delicious treats, but she is a talented graphic designer and art director AND one of my best girls. there are only a handful of people you can call at 3am during a crisis, she is one of mine.

love you care! here is to you and the celebrity that you are!


Jonathan Canlas said...

ha! i know caroline...

caroline said...

aw. love you too! thanks for the shout out.

hugs and kisses!

shayna said...

Well, I listened and read the whole thing. I can see why you're best friends with her....she soothes you with her beautiful bake goods and buttery voice. I need lessons on baking from Caroline...maybe she can start by doing classes.