Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back!

I didn't make a single post all last week!!! I am ashamed of myself. BUT I do have an excuse, planning a wedding.

Seriously, all I want is a really simple, low key wedding but even with simple, planning logistics takes time. please forgive. post march I should be back to normal with LOADS of new and improved stuff, like a website and blog overhaul, going "green" wedding photography and other budding ideas.

The new year has started off nicely but with most of my focus on march I haven't even had a chance to goal set...but not to worry I am not goal-less.

Until my wintery Utah photos from last week are developed I leave you with bright and beautiful Santa Barbara.


audrey said...

glad you're back, i know my sister and i missed you : )

and i looooove santa barbara : ( i'm in boston, so these pix are killing me. post more : ) i know, we always want what's not good for us.

march wedding, how pretty : )

what else was i going to say... oh! is that for real?? "rachel getting married"? i'm gullible : ) either way, that is big news : )

Noelle said...

call it sibling telepathy, but i had a feeling the one comment on this post was from mi hermana. i knew it. but i will echo her sentiments, please post more! we've missed your delightful photos. we might even be your biggest fans, aside from your mama and your beloved. and i'm pretty sure our favorite post ever will be YOUR wedding pics. we heart rachel thurston!

rachel thurston said...

I have the BEST blog readers ever!!! you two made me laugh with how nice you are! I should hire you guys to market for me.

a not so desperate housewife said...

these pics make me miss's almost painful. and i never thanked you for the thoughtful little gift. i'm trying to figure out the perfect way to use it...over ice cream, bread dipping with parm, waiting till summer for yummy tomatoes...thanks again and good luck with all the planning!

callie...jon's wife :)

Becky said...

I just found your blog! Great photos, I love your detail work!

rachel thurston said...

callie, please invite me over for any and all of those delicious snacks. I love thick balsamic...I hoped you would too. planning is coming along. I can see the end (or the beginning) in sight. very exciting. thanks for your comment.

becky, welcome! thanks!

Brion Hopkins said...

Rachel! Next time you are in SB you should a hit a brother up! I like your blog!