Friday, February 6, 2009


this has been circulating in the blog world and I wanted to join in.

I think this happens every night while I sleep. dreamers will strongly relate.

I love stop motion. this is so beautiful. so intimate. there is so much trust someone gives you when they can sleep in front of you or with you. you are never more vulnerable than when you are still and deep in dreaming.



George Peters said...

Love that music video. The animation is soooo fun. Ahhhh...the sleep dream life!


Becky said...

I love this video! Mind if I use it?

Anna said...

That was kind of rad. Steph and I just watched it.

Steph: "so weird"

Anna: "so cool!"

I hope I do this sometime in the middle of the night to freak my roommate out.

Noelle said...

mmm, yeah. love this one.

Kate said...

I loved this! very cool indeed.

rachel thurston said...

use it! pass it around! too mesmerizing to keep to myself. makes me want to film myself sleeping.

audrey said...

me too--i love this and it makes me want to film myself sleeping, and then again...

nah. too creepy : )

i love that the bed was this simple canvas. clean, white, crumpled sheets. white pillows. full of texture and shadow. white pjs. mmm.

i hadn't seen this, so gracias!

(also, i've been in mexico for awhile, so it's fun to catch up on your blog--always reliably rewarding : )