Sunday, April 12, 2009

bonnet and basket

in honor of easter, here I am.

this is how I remember easter as a child...easter dresses. boy, did I love dresses. there was even a time, after my brother had chopped all of my hair off, that I strictly wore dresses so everybody would know I was a girl. easter dresses usually consisted of a pastel, dropped waist dress, a hat of some sort and gloves.

the finger wag in the first photo was some sort of photo trademark of mine around that age.. and the hat on dude, the dollar bill in my in eggs was always a favorite at our house. I would have rather found a quarter in a plastic egg than candy.

thanks mom and dad for making easter memorable.

mom, I think you should probably still buy me easter dresses...BUT only if there are gloves involved.

ps. I love you jesus. I know easter is really about you. this post just happened to be about fashion and money. sorry about that.


Anna Jay said...

Remember that one easter where m & d put 20 dollar bills in the eggs? You probably don't, because none of their immediate children got the 20s.

Thanks to surprise visitors we're back to jellybeans again.


Anna Jay said...
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audrey said...

you are ADORABLE!!! oh that little finger wag is priceless : ) and not even ever having met you, i still know that that smile in both those shots is SO you! isn't it funny when you look back at old pictures and it's like, huh i guess i've always looked like me.