Thursday, April 9, 2009

bright white

I like this bright white kitchen with dark wood accents. is that a tree growing out of the counter? yes please.

my food would taste so much better in this space.


julia said...

i think the tree is a branch in a vase, but your idea is much more fun.

i love open kitchens...

rachel thurston said...

oh, I knew it was a vase but how cool would it be to have a tree growing into your house?

I'm dying for a larger kitchen.

audrey said...

let's just say that it IS growing out of the counter for coolsake. sometimes i wish i could live a handful of lives for each of the passions i wish i could seriously pursue and for each of the homes/lifestyles i wish i could have. too much life out there to only live once!!

p.s. food DOES taste better in pretty kitchens.