Thursday, April 16, 2009

easter sunday

the nanny goat making some delicious cinnamon rolls

grant and I hid easter eggs. can you find the one in the lemon tree?

mini tramp, big hit with the little people

grant gave baby wright a little chair to sit on and we covered him in a blanket. he sat there for a long time.
my steph

almost walking!!!
taking photos of tani...I either get this face (upbove) or this side (below).
what a great day. church with grant's parents, then dinner with family and friends. I loved having all (but one) of my nieces and nephews in one place. matt and nikki where also there (no photos to prove..sorry)... I truly feel like they are family too. did I mention there was sunshine and perfect 70 degree weather? I love california.


steph thurston said...

That was such a great day. Loved the Easter Egg Hunt, loved grandma talking about blessings, loved getting to know your new family even better, loved the potatoes, loved the mammogram pamphlet, and loved your cinnamon rolls ( oh wait- that was a totally different Sunday but I really can't stop thinking about them)!!!! I love california too.

Heather said...

wish i was there! looks so fun, and warm!

your family is too cute for me.

ps matty took some pics of the shower just posted them..... he did it for YOU!!!