Wednesday, April 15, 2009

rivera beach- san celemente, ca

some detail shots of a saturday night evening spent at rivie's.

we had a long day of shooting and ended it perfectly. grant surfed as the sun set and I bundled in a blanket on the sand. I ate strawberries, played with my polaroid camera and worked on tax deductions (the best part of taxes)... all while giving fistpumps to my husband after a good ride.

It was great. the sun and the waves were just what we both needed.


audrey said...

mmm, delicious day. and having lived in san clemente, these pictures make me all smiley and sentimental inside... i LOVE them!!! sigh... yay for little beach towns.

p.s. may you have good tax luck!

Becky said...

It sounds perfect to me!!

Anonymous said...

sounds lovely rachel. Both tax deductions and fist pumps to your Husband. love you!