Friday, May 22, 2009

may 22


dearest mother

(grant and I just brought her breakfast in bed... sweet vanilla bean crepes with raspberries, peaches and fresh whipped cream along with some lemon and sugar ones and fresh squeezed oj. yumsters. we love being here with her and my dad. my plan is to spoil her rotten today. she deserves it.)

care bear
(one my by bestest friends. beautiful, artistic, incredible baker and so loyal and devoted. plus she loves impromptu hip-hop dance parties. I love you care!)

mark diddy
(grants brother in law, who passed away about a month before our wedding. you are happy, easy going and always up for a laugh! we miss you and can't wait to see you again.)


melissa thornton
(one of g's good friends who has become one of my friends who we love being friendly with! her married last name escapes me, but her and her husband are adorable and they have an adorable baby on the way.)

happy birthday awesome people in my life!


Noelle said...

yum! that breakfast menu sounds divine. i want to be your mama on her birthday. sweet post.

caroline said...

thanks thursty bear! love you!

audrey said...

hm. i think i'm going to steal that breakfast layout for myself tomorrow. or maybe for dinner tonight. yes, there's no avoiding it; the fabulous words are in my mind already, marinating. to you four birthday-ers, i will enjoy this breakfast-for-dinner for you!!

I LOVE CREPES. and everything that comes along with them. one of my top-ten-faves for sure. in fact, if i ever get you to come out here to beantown, i will take you to Paris Creperie where we will be forced to order both a sweet AND a savory crepe (bc i can never pick just one of their gazillion choices), AND where they serve frozen nutella hot chocolate. mmmmmmm. happy birthdays all around!!!!!!!

p.s. my birthday is JANUARY 19th : ) in case you're gathering days and reasons to celebrate and to have breakfasts-in-beds (even if the birthday girl is not present : )

i love birthdays...

rachel thurston said...

where is "beantown" I will be there on jan 19th and eat breakfast in bed with you and your husband. that won't be awkward, right?