Wednesday, May 20, 2009

riviera beach

here's a pola of grant walking through the tunnel at rivi's to surf.

I kind of like that the emulsion is all smudged. brings back fond memories of darkrooms and developer.


naomi megan. said...

this photo is so great! i also love the smudges on polas. do have any idea why they do that? i also just assumed it was maybe because of the cold, but i really don't know...

anyway, i don't know if i have told you this or not yet but i lOVE leo's wedding holgas of you two. they are perfect.

{i am josh davis' wife naomi.}

audrey said...

mm. i remember that tunnel... love this. there's nothing like a darkroom.

rachel thurston said...

thanks! I think the smudges are from pulling the pola out weird so that little pockets of developer don't spread evenly while it's could also be from old film. I love leo's photos too. so great. he photographed your wedding as well? we have good taste. love that guy. tell josh hello from me!

LOVE the darkroom. really good things happen in really dark rooms.