Monday, June 15, 2009


remember this little dreamboat from hawaii with the smith's?

while in salt lake I shot some lifestyle family portraits for his family. wait till you see his brother! these two boys are really something. gorgeous for one, adorable, smart, silly, flirty...everything you would want from a little boy.

I terrorized the house with my photo making while whitney feed us all sorts of delicious food from liberty heights fresh (love this market), brownies, salsa, fruit. whit and brian, can we move in? not a joke.

we love our smith/cripe family. can't wait for you to see the rest of your images.


Whitney said...

please do move in - can't think of nicer roommates! wow - I LOVE THIS PICTURE - you have made my day! can't wait to see more...thanks for the great work and fun Rach!

Brooke Reynolds said...

Man, I feel like all my worlds just collided! Whitney is an old friend, we were young and single together in NYC. I can't believe her little boys are so big! Can't wait to see more of the photos!

kayla said...

well look at this small world we have here! i'm charlie's beehive teacher in primary. isn't he the cutest?

Stoker Family said...

so sad we couldn't get together. I hope that you come out again soon so we can arrange it.

audrey said...

if i have a son, i've always wanted to name him charlie. i've always loved that name for all the reasons you described this little boy. adorable, smart, silly, flirty... even mischievous, but too cute to get upset over. i even imagine this same bleach blond mop of irresistible hair. except that there is no way i have any shred of blondness in me. as you well know. c'est la vie.

you've only reinforced the name of my future son with this post : )