Friday, June 26, 2009

first weekend of summer

relative size. hello dandelion.

photo taken on g's iphone. cool.

see the rip. r.i.p. tent and mj.

mr husband and I wanted to get away for the official first weekend of summer, so last friday night, we jumped in the car and drove till we found a adventurous of us!

as we setup camp somewhere in frazier park, we had only one minor problem, our luxurious queen size blow up mattress ripped a hole in our tent. how rude. after some minor deflating we slept like two little peas in a pod.

it wasn't until morning light that we realized how beautiful our site was. the misty light was glistening off everything and some morning shooting ensued. it felt so good to wake up and take photos first thing. best saturday ever.

breakfast consisted of whatever we threw in the cooler...raspberries, vanilla bean yogurt and avocado. weird, yes. delicious, yes. if we only knew we could light a fire! next time pyro maniacs for shizzle. I really need to fry an egg on a tin can for grantel.

...after camping, hiking. after hiking, eating at awesome mexican restaurant with homemade horchata. after eating, drive in movie!

best first weekend of summer ever!

(all photos have a redish filter. I'm not usually one for action rama on my photos. I like to be pure, BUT I think this adds a feeling of nostalgia for camping trips of yesteryear, don't you?)


Kaahl said...

nice. those photos taken using the camerabag app on the iphone? my buddy made that app. I am practically famous.

Heather said...

oh rach!
i love these almost makes me want to go camping with you (almost)

maybe we could camp one night and hotel and spa day the next?

rachel thurston said...

kaahl- no, all taken with my canon 5d and edited in photoshop...except for the one of me shooting and the kissy one,which were taken w iphone but edited in photoshop as well.

I do have the camerabag app. totally awesome. way to go.

heath- dude, you know I'm 50/50. 50% rough 50% luxury. the question is can olive handle the wild?xxxxooooooo

audrey said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

and i love this post. everything from the title to the reddish filter.

we love camping. and we even take my little girl camping. get her used to the bugs early. (my only fear is missing a tick on her head under all that dark hair she's got.) before her, we'd just take off and sleep in the car. (like those car commercials, know what i'm talking about?)

i LOVE your cooler selection. i LOVE raspberries, vanilla bean yogurt, and i am ADDICTED to avocados!!!!@@$*&!@ i always buy way too many avocados, not "way too many" as in i don't eat them all, but "way too many" according to my husband. but we always eat them all, so i don't know what he's mumbling about : )

i LOVE horchata. (what's that place in san clemente on the corner with those large horchatas??)

i LOVE your photos. i'm way too sentimental for my own good, and the nostalgia feeling of these string of pix definitely warms my heart : ) i feel like i'm remembering my fabulous camping trip with you, and i wasn't even there : )

p.s. i must admit, i don't especially love that dewy feeling you get when you wake up after camping. slightly stale. but that's okay. it's worth it.

Grant said...

I love the way the tent door glows and frames that one of inside, looking out. I didn't even know you were shooting.

Anna Jay said...

You two have the diet of elves.

And when did he become "grantel"?!

Mind you, I love elves.