Wednesday, June 3, 2009


the inside of my brother and sister in law's dishwasher.

when you visit, chances are you'll be drinking out of a princess cup.


a not so desperate housewife said...

this is the most fantastic thing i've ever seen...

p.s. i just wanted to make sure you got my email...i sent it in a weird way so maybe it didn't make it. but the sentiment of it was THANK YOU!!! i'll expound later in a less public forum. hope your utah trip is super fun :)

Noelle said...

this could've been my dishwasher. colorful plastic, disturbingly familiar.

rachel thurston said...

callie! what were you doing commenting on my blog yesterday!!? you are a wild woman.

I am so thinking of you and jon today. my prayers are with you and weston and I hope this month passes swiftly and with more miracles to come.

you are an amazing mother. (so are you noelle).

Anna Jay said...

I miss those princess cups!
Boooooo hooooo I want to live in california now.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors, but unfortunately don't love plastic! Definitely advise your bro to get BPA-free sippy cups for the kids. Bisphenol A is an estrogen-mimicking chemical that is found in hard plastics like these. Get more info at great resource for green-minded parents!

audrey said...

who knew tinkerbell and tarzan and buzz lightning sippies could look so collectively attractive. i love to see what you see.

i have a tendency to forget the beauty of being a mother. sometimes i worry myself that motherhood means "colorful plastic" instead of colorful peace corp photos and postcards from around the world. sigh... but
this photo triggers a positive attitude for me. reminding me to "see" life differently. to notice. AND, anything is possible, right? there's a shift of priorities, for sure, but heavenly father knows my dreams deep down, right????


love your posts.

Kris Doman said...

This looks like our dishwasher did until recently - We have officially become sippy-cup free! It's a big step for a parent.

rachel thurston said...

audrey, you wise woman. have you seen "up" yet? I loved parts and was bored with parts but the underlying meaning on the film was great. what makes life meaningful? I sometimes think it's noticing and smiling at a dishwasher full on sippy cups.

I am in awe of the sacrifice of all you mothers. you make life meaningful.

I love you guys.