Wednesday, July 22, 2009


new mama to be kris wanted a 70's reminiscent prego shoot and I said, "yes, please".

she was soft, sexy and drop dead gorgeous (like every good pregnant woman should be).

we had a great time chasing the setting light and talking about her soon to be baby boy.

what is it about pregnant women? they are the most beautiful creatures. I look at these photos and feel like every image is a mona lisa (not thanks to me, but because of her!) they are all sensuous and mysterious but comforting too. how did she do that!!!!

kris, you were an ideal subject. and now that I know we share some similar annoyances regarding skin irritability I can't wait to hear how the delivery goes. xo.

(ps. this is a surprise for her husband, so if you know him and are reading this, mum's the word.)


julia said...

i love these! she looks stunning and they totally fit the vibe she was going for (as far as i can see!)

you are so much fun to shoot with. can't wait to shoot YOU someday!!

Kristen said...

I LOVE THESE!!!I love Kris and I love you! She is gorgeous and you are so talented!! :) Brian will be so excited to have these.

l.nelson said...

stunning and perfect. i just met her last night and she couldn't have been lovelier or more funny. i would love to be (and look) like her when i'm pregnant. no doubt i'll be a whale. are interested in taking pictures of me like that?

Adam M said...

Very nice! I especially love the one before the black and white head shots!

Noelle said...

like every good pregnant woman should be, but is not - namely me. i am always bloated and sickly-looking. she, on the other hand, is lovely and glowing and so so so pretty! how nice she had this documented. you did good, rachel.

rachel thurston said...

thanks for the love! she was a breeze to shoot.

ps. I would love to shoot any and all of your pregnant.

pss. I just want to toot my own horn and say the light flares are all natural. none of this fake inserted light flares. all sun baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm your secret admirer!
just feel like to leave some comments for u.
I really love all of your works and always happy to see them.

Thanks for posing all these cozy photos!


nikki said...

Rach, these are lovely. It's hard sometimes for pregnant women to feel beautiful and sexy especially near the end, but she is both. I love the hammock photo. Whimsical and relaxing... the way pregnancy should be :)

Leslie said...

love that last hammock photo