Thursday, September 3, 2009

tea, skating & scones

in celebration of banans birthday I took her and kateford to the beehive tea room for lunch. I think we ordered one of everything. anna had peppermint tea while kate and I enjoyed dark european hot cocoa. I think my favorite thing we ordered was the scones (english scones w/jam). love the food and the quaint decor.

then after a short photoshoot in memory grove, we wizzed on over to classic skating were we pretty much owned the floor....well.....they did. I was a bit rusty. I think the last time I was on skates was junior high. I think if I had a couple more hours I could have gone pro. It was pretty awesome. great idea ann. your birthday was fun.
then we started our roadtrip back to LA with a stop at mom's cafe in salina ut for some hot scones (the utah kind, deep fried and covered in honey butter). I had been craving and we had to have! we got there right before closing and gave ourselves gut bombs gorging on delicious gooey bread.
(all photos taken on my iphone) adventure, yosemite national park!


Dad Thurston said...

Your celebration for Anna's 20th birthday looked like it was so much fun. My only question is, "Why weren't Mom and I invited??" Love: Dad
P.S. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters!

Mom said...

I love your pictures, my beautiful daughters, and the scones. Who is the super-hero in her cape? Happy birthday Anna Banana. xxoo Mom I am truly impressed with your iphone!

audrey said...

haha, i'm impressed with your iPhone pix too--how come mine never turn out like that? i suppose with ur skillz, phones don't inhibit.

LOVE this birthday. so fun. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!! and sisters, and how you call her banans, and roadtrips, and scones, and headbands, and skating, and capes, and honey butter, and stacked books, and too much good food, and hot drinks {the kinda hot that you can feel piping down your body forever after}. and i like your plaid shirt.

love you!! i've missed you!! things have been crazy around here, and i haven't been able to "rachel-thurston"-ify as much as i've wanted {like how your name is now a verb? maybe i should correct with "rachel-thurston-porter"-ify.

:} lotta love.

jomama said...

hi, i look at your blog for photography inspiration (so great!) but i had to de-lurk to say how cool it is that you went to mom's cafe in salina. my parents are both from that area and whenever we would go to visit my grandparents when i was a kid we would stop at mom's cafe.
anyway... :)

rachel thurston said...

first and foremost I have to acknowledge the fact that BOTH of my parents commented on this post! I want to personally welcome my mother to my blog with her first comment ever!! we (me and the blog) are honored and want you to feel welcome here any time!!!!!

aud- are we soul sisters?! serious. I've never met you, but want to have a sleepover pretty bad.thanks for all the love and support. I don't deserve it.

jomama- welcome! glad you "de-lurked". I love making connections with random people over things like scones and places like salina. so random and so awesome. de-lurk again soon!