Friday, October 2, 2009

eggs in tomato sauce

(photo via smitten kitchen...sometimes too lazy to cook and shoot at the same time, I'm working on it)

thanks to nellie she turned me on to smitten kitchens blog. I think I spent at least a few hours browsing recipes and drooling all over my desk.

I came upon this beauty and had to have. we brewed it up last night for dinner and I want it again for breakfast.

so easy. all ingredients that I typically have on hand. in place of the glug of wine, I added a glug of boysenberry balsamic vinegar. did not regret.

next time you all come over for lunch...or dinner....or breakfast, I'm making you this.


Grapefruit said...

This is one of our favorite (especially Matt's) recipes. I used the one from Giada's cookbook, but it looks similar. Especially love the garlic breath that lasts for hours after. (You do rub your toast w/garlic, don't you?)

On a different note, last week in Newport I had eggs with corn tortillas, black beans, avocado, pico de gallo, a dusting of cheese and cilantro. It was amazing. Could eggs be the perfect food? I mean, so versatile...creme brulee to tomato sauce. Doesn't get much better in my book!

Amberli said...

ah ha! i spy dinner tonight! thanks for sharing!

ALISHA JOY said...

Love that blog!! Also check out FABULOUS food blog.

audrey said...


and pioneer woman has some good food too :)