Tuesday, October 13, 2009

mandy & brian

another great sunshiny southern californian wedding. the ceremony took place at the san diego temple and the reception was in laguna beach at the three arch bay clubhouse extraordinaire.

mandy put me in a trance with her "siren" eyes and I pretty much stared at her all day long. brian was the most adorable groom ever. I'm guessing most guys might not want to be adorable, per say, but he had this smile and this dimple and this madly in love with his wife thing going on AND he was super laid back and nice. sorry dude, adorable it is.

I loved the details at this wedding. peacock feathers, plant take home gifts, blue paper pinwheels that blew in the wind and twinkly strand lights, my favorite. they too had tacos (love this trend), and made to order ice cream cookie sandwiches. forget the chocolate fountain, they did caramel and it was GOOD caramel served with donut holes and a bunch of other eatable dippers. to shuttle guests back and forth to the venue they hired a trolley and I kind of felt like I was in san fransico...or disneyland.

loved meeting the two of you and having our moment on the rocks. I don't regret making the desicion to head back to the party but I do think I could have been perfectly happy bunkering down on that beach for the night. invite us back for smore's! xxoo.


Renee said...

i don't know either of them but i'm in love with them both. both beautiful. and the photos make me feel like i've known them forever. wow.

brent said...

these are some of my favorite wedding pics that i've seen of yours...so, so, beautiful. i think you've totally outdone yourself. i love the details too. i see something at a wedding and think, "hey why didn't i think of that...duh, peacock feathers!" lol.

nicole said...

rachel, these are amazing!! seriously every shot is so romantic. i love mandy and brian and loved looking through these incredible shots!

Briony said...

seriously breath taking...from the first shot to the last, you've captured their love!

Tracee Breeze said...

this is my favorite wedding of yours so far.

loved this.....oh to live in sunny southern california.

Mandy said...

Rachel. Thank you so much, it was soo hard for me to be on the opposite side of the lens. I felt so vulnerable! But, let me say...you completely captured the most magical day of my life that otherwise would have been lost in the sands of the hour glass. We will always be so grateful to you for giving us the gift of slow moving stills we can enjoy of the day that went by in a blur for the rest of our lives together;-) And Brian really loves your assistant, He was happy Grant was there! lol

audrey said...

this couple is GORGEOUS. you captured them so beautifully.

and i love these colors too : ) my wedding colors!

i adore peacock feathers.

sigh... i just love experiencing things through your lens. i mean it, we really do LIVE something through your lens. don't know how you do it.