Friday, October 30, 2009


I had to post this shoot from yesterday first thing today as it is this lovely's birthday.

How fun to celebrate your birthday on the brink of becoming a parent....and whatever normal doubts you may have, motherhood will be second nature for you. Look at yourself?! You were made to spread that gene pool around.

Loved having an afternoon shooting and discussing our changing lives as newlyweds and soon to be parents. When we have another spare afternoon lets picnic at the park with that new baby girl. xxxxoooo. Happy birthday!!!


Becky said...

This makes pregnancy look so beautiful... (I will probably be all plump in the face and well... not as radiant as this mom-to-be)

I am sad I missed the family while they were in town. Hopefully I will see you soon!

J & M said...

Rachel you are amazing. You captured the exact mood that I wanted! Thank you for a fun shoot, and great shots! And thank you for posting them on my birthday! What a great gift!

You are da bomb :)

amymarie said...

love these. love your photography!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I never looked like that when I was pregnant :) Beautiful job, Rach.