Tuesday, October 20, 2009


saw this the other day on design sponge and kind of loved everything about it. all the cool tones w/ the brass owls...LOVE myself some flat filers. there are always great ones at the pasadena rose bowl. I need to pick one up once I have an extra inch of space.


Tracee Breeze said...

oh the rose bowl...... I go every year. Luv. It.

I told the hubby next year were taking a u-haul. No joke.

trinabelle said...

Rach... I ran into these owls today at an antique store on Melrose Street =) Made me think of you... xoxo

Heather said...

Brass owls? Yes please! Love the room, & love you.....tell Anna we love her and are so excited for her new adventure! I cannot believe I am in Cali and your not......boo :( need our girls spa weekend asap!

audrey said...

mmm, yes, space for projects : )
we just sold andy's huge drafting table {architect, you know} for this fabulous antique drafting table for super cheap. couldn't pass it up. it was on ebay and we were able to pick it up {just south of boston}. we're in love with it--

BUT. it does not have that huuuuuuge flat drawer like the other one did. for all his big drawings and projects and even my sketch books slipped in there somehow.

one day. one day when we all have more space : ) or when i'm able to let go of more "stuff."