Friday, October 9, 2009

yellow ranunculus

(don't know where I found this photo, just know I can't take credit)

I think my sister should have a bouquet of yellow ranunculus for her wedding. don't you? and I would like to wear one in my hair to match, thank you very much.

I am in glorious portland oregon this weekend to shoot what I'm sure will be an amazing loved filled wedding. I even brought along my favorite assistant, granty pants. so much to post next week, including mandy and brian's wedding that took place in san diego and three arch bay in laguna beach. tons of delicious images.

now I need to go explore portland. any good food recommendations? I'm so sure....I just ate breakfast and I am already planning lunch. I should have married food.


Janie Mann said...

Rachel, you probably didn't even know I was blog-stalking you, but I am! I love this food blog. click on restaurant reviews by City and there are 3 for Portland! Have fun-Janie

Amy said...

You should check out The Everett Street good! It's at the corner of 13th and Everett. Welcome to Portland!

Kristen said...

I love Portland. Go to Papa Haydn's for dessert. I have no idea if you can eat there.. I just know they have YUMMY desserts and it's in a super cute area if I remember right..

honestly kimberly said...

Welcome to PDX. Go to Ken's Artisan Pizza and get the Soppressata. You won't be disappointed, and it is worth the wait.
304 SE 28th Ave.

audrey said...

mmm, speaking of food, these flowers look delicious.

like jennifer aniston in "love happens" or whatever it's called, i kinda wish i could also be a floral shopkeeper. i want to know my flowers and their names so well that they all belong to me.

p.s. the other day, i saw a woman who had hopped the fence of one of those tiny grass front gardens of a boston brownstone, and she was madly plucking all of the flowers off of the bushes and shoving them into her MOUTH. wow. see? flowers can look delicious.