Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kauai- Part 2- How To Have Fun

1. Visit the Kiluea Lighthouse

2. Jump off sand cliffs

3. Watch the sunset at Ke'e beach, rain or shine.

4. Go kayaking and see what the humidity can do to your hair.

5. Gnaw on your lovers shoulder till he says ouch.
6. Stop off for another round of Banana Joe's.
7. Take photos of sun rays or rainbows from the Hanalei look out.
8. Take a horseback ride where you end at a swimming hole and waterfall and eat a picnic lunch with a rooster.

9. Go watch the sunset or look at the view of the Napalei coastline from the deck of the old Princeville Hotel (now St. Regis). (If you are already sick of sunset photos cover your eyes).

10. Leave your beloved north shore and spend your last few days at the Hyatt in Poipu. Swim in the pools, order drinks poolside and get your own private cabana with an ocean view. Act like the royalty you are.

11. Kick and scream as they drag you on your red eye flight home. Be a little bit mad at Kauai for being so perfect. Make up the next time you are reunited.

The End.


audrey said...

unbelievable. both the pictures and the list of amazings!!! did you just pinch yourself it was so incredible?? i am beyond jealous. i'm so cold right now, even in my own house, that i can hardly remember what sunshine feels like : ( until i see your pix : )))))))

p.s. you two also look gorgeous in these!!!

The Good Report said...

gorgeous photos

Heather said...

awwwww, i love 2nd honeymoons! all of those pics make me crave the sun, and the waterfall pics are AMAZING. cant wait to go there with you and learn all the secrets of your island!!


ashton rodgers said...

freak!!! don't post stuff like this, I can't take it. I'm tearing up right now just thinking of the north shore!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh but nice shots dude.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

noelle said...

hawaii. i should have been born there. my theory is that hawaiians were super hard workers in the pre-existence and so that's why they get to frolic around paradise in mortality. i'm sure i was a lazy bum and that's why i now live in mexico city. curse it.

i love your pictures. like am IN LOVE with them. i don't know how many ways i can say it now. this is the problem with leaving comments.