Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kevin & Emily's Wedding

This wedding was in mid November, but doesn't it look like an October wedding? I was happy there was still orange leaves on the trees.

I have shot my fair share of weddings at the Salt Lake Temple, and I love challenging myself to take a new couple and try and give them something unique but still classic in a VERY traditional location. I love shooting images I have never shot before. I love seeing something old, in a new way. It's not easy to do and I'm not saying I nailed it....but when I look at Kevin and Emily in these photos I see newness and something fresh...and that makes me happy.

Happy marriage you two! I loved being able to be a part of your day. There isn't another wedding I would have felt as comfortable falling on my back in front of. WOWZAS. You should have seen my bruise! I love war wounds.

All my love and positive energy for a most happy and successful life together. xo.


Carin said...


Josee Marino said...

Again, very beautiful pictures. I really enjoy looking at the way you capture a wedding. It's unique and refreshing.

Tracee Breeze said...

I think you did nail it. It so nice to see such a classic spot with fresh perspective.

These were always.

Dezi and Brock said...

Rachel, I so wish you could've done my wedding this summer! You're my idol! And your pictures make me happy. You have the most incredible gift of making something bloom into instant beauty, no matter what it is. I still hope that someday you can visit the Navajo Reservation! I think you'll love it, honestly. :)

rachel thurston said...

Thanks loves!

Dezi, I would DIE if I could come photograph the reservation. Please email and lets make a plan. xo.

Amy H. Ellis said...

I smiled, I laughed, and I cried. A success all around. You are gifted. Thank you so much for preserving the memories of a fantastic, sweet and wonderful day.


Brittany said...

Hi Rachel,
I just discovered your site through a bunch of random blog linking and I'm in love with your photos! I live in SLC and have seen SO many wedding photos at the Salt Lake temple and I've always been kind of disappointed at how...unoriginal they all are. But I aboslutely love the unique angle you took with this couple's shots. You really did nail it. Glad to have found your site!