Monday, December 7, 2009

Profile Picture

My profile pic was featured in an article from Digital Photography School on how to take a great photo for your social media site.

(I hope it was an example of the good and not the bad)

Read the article here.

Thanks Natalie for featuring my noggin.


julia said...

you do have a nice head. did they note that it's in the tub?

My Name is Mike said...

this is kind of a big deal, like a really big deal in fact. i hope you have met Nate and Amelia, cuz they are some of the raddest peeps ever. a triumvirate of photographic greats if you will.

rachel thurston said...

julia, you're right! I didn't get credit for it being taken in the tub. surely that would award me more points.

mike, I know who both of them are...have seen their work but haven't ever meet either. Are you part of some secret photography society I should know about? I need to bond with the local photogs more.