Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time For Change

(photo from my 1st blog post, July 2007)

I am officially saying goodbye to this blog and moving to a NEW blog.

Make sure to change your readers to my new blog address which is:

It has been a good, GOOD 2+years since I first started blogging.

I have loved the thought it's created in me and the friendships it's helped me create with my readers.

I can't wait to continue the adventure with you.

Come on over to the new blog to see the announce of my NEW WEBSITE!

New, new, new! It's like blogging baptism.



Grant said...

Incredible! I LOVE the new look.

jd said...

I'm excited for the new website, but I will miss this blog!! You're not taking it down completely, are you??

rachel thurston said... but I transferred everything to my new blog at Still blogging just in a different format. when's our screen print weekend? huh?

jd said...

oh. Silly me. I just ventured to the new and have spent some very happy time on it, esp. when I noticed it includes the old! I LURVE it! so so great. Makes me happy.

march... I'm thinking march... you will likely be the trickiest to plan a saturday, though? well-- maybe MOST trickiest. We're all tricky.