Tuesday, August 26, 2008

madeleine on the east side

this family represents all things NY to me. Norris is an amazing broadway performer, Jen is one of the most classy women I know...and still maintains a wicked sense of humor...and their first, beautiful, happy, charming, adorable, delectable little girl makes NY even more of a heaven on earth. how fitting that they live there. oh, and if anyone in the NY area is in the market for a chocolate fountain they can hook you up.

It was so great catching up and getting to stare at your child for a couple of hours. she is one of the most enjoyable babies I have ever been around. xxoo.


Melodie said...

Hey Rach! Beautiful pictures! It sounds like girls camp was a success! You are a saint for doing all of that work, I know I would be so overwhelmed if I had to plan girls camp! You look great, I'll talk to ya soon!
Love ya,

Heather said...

o no!!!

she is my favorite........ and a little mini jen!!!

look at those bule eyes, and those lips!!!

i am so jealous you got to spend the day with them in ny.....