Wednesday, August 27, 2008


there are people in my life that helped me survive. sarah jane is one of those people. she was my "other" for the time I spent in the city. when I look at these photos of her newly formed family I can't help remembering all the late night conversations had where we shared the wonder at ever finding husbands or having children....would it ever happen? how? HOW? seeing her happiness is like an open ending to so many years of questions. I know her happiness will only grow.

I need more photos of this baby. her lips are seriously the cutest around.

love you bowen family.


Jonathan Canlas said...

whoa! i totally remember them. he did this awesome napoleon dynamite dance at his reception.

congrats to them both!

Heather said...

little nora!!! on her daddys lap by the piano, what could be more perfect?

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

again jealous of all your baby visits...... next time we go to ny together!!!!