Saturday, May 16, 2009

pasta w/ peas and prosciutto

(photo of a photo)

listen dudes, this recipe is SO good. pretty much every thing I make out of my "everyday foods- great food fast" cookbook is really good.

this is the best pasta dish I have had in a long time. It was surprisingly fresh and light tasting. I loved the lemon zest against the taste of the prosciutto. PLUS it was fast and easy.

trust me. make it. eat it. love it. recipe here.

(ps. make a lot so you have leftovers. you will miss it when it's gone)


audrey said...

mmm!!! we just had this on monday!! and it didn't last past dinner, brunch, and lunch (yes, those last two were in the same morning).

fabulous recipe. i LOVE my everyday food cookbook! especially bc of the photos.


Noelle said...

you had me at "listen, dudes." i believe in fresh, fast, everyday food. i love reading my sister's comments. aud, can you go comment on my blog now?

Beth said...

I've made that before but used bacon instead of prosciutto. Yummy and fast!
You should try getting their monthly cookbook/mag. I love to have new ideas every month. Such a great thing!

rachel thurston said...

I love the monthly mag. I just love food. and I love my blog friends! lets all go to dinner!

Stacey said...

OMG, I LOVE this recipe!! I've been admiring your photos (we're getting married next year and haven't decided if it's going to be in LA or Utah - that's how I wound up on your blog) and I'm laughing to find this recipe here because it's mine and fiance's absolute favorite! The cook book it comes from is one of my favorites for quick meals with small ingredient lists.