Monday, May 18, 2009

one of my favorites

(photo by the one and only jonathan canlas)

jon's awesome photography is going to make our tootsies famous. see us here!


Noelle said...

ah. love in a hammock. divine.

Kate said...

compared to annas blog post... feet here are appropriate. Love you. Remember how you hate my feet?

rachel thurston said...

I DO NOT HATE YOUR FEET! I don't "hate" anything. (that is too strong of a word)....but your dancing fungus feet?....might have not been my favorite. who could blame me?!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shot. True art. And I went to his site as well. Yes. You are famous :)

audrey said...

i love you two.

one of my playlists is called "in the hammock".... and this picture fits PERFECTLY : ) sand, love, feminine knees and all : )

i love naming my playlists. there's also "pancakes&naps" for sunday music. and "ratatouille" for cooking. and "postcards" for my int'l musica : ) "red.stiletto" for getting ready for a night out. "lingerie.on.a.hanger" for... lalala ; )
and "red galoshes," "trestles beach," "salty&sunkissed," "rain & a tin roof," "wet paint," "country roads"... etc etc. if you can't tell, i can be musically moody. or maybe i'm just moody : ) jk.

rachel thurston said...

audrey- sometimes we are the same person (expect you are way cooler). I love "mood" music. I heard once that you should listen to music 1 notch above your mood to inspire you. if you are sad listening to super happy music does not help. now I am obsessed with finding the right song for the mood I am in. I love your playlist names! I need to borrow that idea...or make you send me copies! great idea me!