Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stay the same

baby sister anna, was visiting my parents and found these little gems on my mom's computer.

sometimes I really miss my sisters.

I wonder if I took for granted the last months we all lived under the same roof... knowing it will never happen again.

growing up and letting go can be seriously hard.

right this moment I wish I could hide under the kitchen counter, avoiding dishes and holding back laughter. It sounds like complete contentment.


kayla said...

sorry to intrude, but i had to say...LOVE your blog! very much delightful. (i found you through martawrites.blogspot.com) if i ever get married, maybe pictures should happen.

rachel thurston said...

thanks for letting me know my images were showcased on martawrites!

please visit my blog often. it delights in new vistors!

Anna Jay said...

I miss making yo bed.

rachel thurston said...

I miss trading you a pen for a clean room. those were the days.