Monday, June 22, 2009

birth day

(photo from tristan's birth)

I came across a little birth documentary slide show I made a couple years ago...and thought I would share.

I assure you this slide show is "PG" rated. ANYONE can watch it. It doesn't showcase some of the most recent births I've photographed, but my new and shiny website will.

my beautiful, amazing, God send, sister in law, stephanie is pictured above. her and my brother have had me photograph 3 out their 4 children's you will see a few photos of them and my lovely babies.

I kind of feel like every baby I photograph being born becomes one my "my" babies. one of my babies was the neice of the couple's wedding I just photographed in utah. she is 4 almost 5 now...I just see her and remember her first moments. her first breath. the look on her parents faces. being able to preserve those memories really means everything to me. nothing is better, nothing.

click here to watch the slideshow. (there is music so turn up or turn down according to your pref).

if you are interested in having my document a birth, please email me and I can shower you with details.

..very well might be my favorite thing to photograph.

love to my babies. xo.


Bertie Mansfield said...

Rachel, these are amazing! What a beautiful set of images! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kris Doman said...

Your images of both my girls' births are some of the most precious in my collection of thousands. I think I'd even save them before I save my wedding photos. No, I KNOW I would. I can't even express how grateful I am that you were there. *HUGS*

Devon and Alicia said...

The pictures are amazing and I was so glad you were able to be there to capture it all for us. I am more amazed at your patience and that you hung out with us at the hospital for 14 HOURS!!! That was a long and miserable day for everyone, but you were wonderful!

rachel thurston said...

14hrs?! really? wow I really was wonderful. I kid. I LOVED being there. miracle of life ain't no joke.

have more babies everyone and call me up!

Bella said...

WHOA!!! I just started crying watching that video, Rachel. I miss your parents so much! Wow. Love Ray LaMontagne. Love the photographs. Love Rachel Thurston. Thank you for helping shed tears of joy today. You are wonderful.

audrey said...


wow. you are amazing!!! i wish i wish i wish i could have you be there for one of my deliveries (though right now, just the MEMORY of my one is all i can handle!).

but what if you capture me in all my... igh-ness?? see, this stephanie looks so beautiful and in love with her baby and in the moment and perfectly photogenic. i don't remember feeling so photogenic : (

hmm, we'll see... you did such a great job.