Tuesday, June 23, 2009

jon & kate

I just feel sick about this whole thing.

sure I watched the show last night, and not because I wanted to feed off their misery, but because I honestly fell in love with their family after 2+yrs of watching their show. It's not the divorce that upsets me...although ending a marriage is completely horrific...it's the fact that it's being televised! that they are explaining themselves to me through my television. messed up.

I have no idea what is really going on with them, NO ONE does....so I have no idea what is best for them. but I do think it's sick and twisted to get ratings and make money from it. if they really wanted what was best for the kids I think they show should have ended at the first sign of undue stress on the family. kate says it wasn't the show that led to the demise....but i'm not so sure.

so sad. I just wish promises and commitments would always stay. why are firm, "unchanging" words said if they are going to change? I guess this whole thing brings up feelings from past heartache for me. sometimes because of my past I get nervous about the future. people have their free agency, and when you get married you put a lot of trust and faith in the other person...hopeful that they will use their free agency for the betterment of the relationship. this doesn't always happen, and I guess that just makes me sad. sometimes marriages should end, BUT only after very very hard work to save them. I guess I just wish people worked harder. nothing is worse than losing someone you love. nothing.

my heart goes out to the gosselins.


Devon and Alicia said...

I KNOW! I have loved watching this family and last night I was hoping they were going to announce that they were ending the show. Nope, just carrying on and letting us all watch the kids suffer through their divorce. At least the kids got cool crooked houses...right? :)

3 o'clock walk said...

I agree. I don't think agree that they should continue on with the show. I too fell in love with the "original" Gosselins and now it just won't be the same watching the show from two sides.

I think they should end the show and work on their marriage. I too am sad that unhappy endings are becoming all too common.

Ash said...

I feel sick about it, too. Growing up with divorced parents was really hard... I wouldn't ever wish that for them.

I, too, was hoping they'd called off the show and decided to work on their marriage. It's all just so sad... and it's weird to see how they've both changed SO QUICKLY. Every time I've watched the show recently, it's been kind of painful... I don't know that I'll be able to watch anymore.

rachel thurston said...

seriously. who cares about a broken family when you get lots of free stuff like crooked houses! yeah right.

I agree...not sure if I will be able to watch anymore. it use to be my happy place and now it's just depressing and frustrating.

what should we watch now? next food network star?

Tracee Breeze said...

I don't watch this or any other show that is a reality show. I have enough reality in my own life. So my comment is just more directed toward what you said about marraige.

Bottom line marriage can be flat out tough. Can we all just get used to this idea please? It is hard but also SO REWARDING. And Rach you are right , you do have to trust that you have married someone who is going to use thier agency for the betterment of the relationship. That is hard. And scary. I know sometimes divorce needs to happen, I know every circumstance is unique. I don't want to be judgemental at all.

I just know for a fact, the kids are the ones usually paying the heaviest price. It is sad, and my heart goes out to anyone who has to go thru it.

Sorry about the long winded opinion.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I agree. Those poor kids will be able to dig up the archives of the first season and see their happy whole-family living the normal life and watch their parents interact with love and adoration- then watch it fall apart.

I hope they find peace and happiness outside of reality television.

audrey said...

none of us can know what really goes on between those two, but couldn't you see her changing... her appearance, her aura, the way she spoke...?? so sad. so, so sad.

your number one priority tends to be the filter through which you see and live your life, the filter through which you distribute value to this or to that. and in context of a marriage or a relationship, in the beginning of the fairy tale, you always put love first. you want to make it work, you want to make your spouse happy, you sacrifice and serve and it's always worth it...

but then there are a million things that want to distract you, shift your priorities, tug on your eternal perspective, and consequently, change the filter through which you view your marriage, your spouse, your life...

i don't know, it's just heartbreaking. all i do know is that if your goal is to truly make grant happy, and grant's goal is truly to make you happy, you both can trust that it won't be lopsided. that if you "lose" yourself in service to each other and to that life WITH each other, you ironically don't lose / sacrifice your own happiness.

spread your newlywedness. the world needs it.